After a huge amount of work, our new vineyard Three Little Eagles saw a wonderful 2019 crop. With so many steps that go into creating a new vineyard, we wanted to share this journey with you. Keep reading to learn more.

Firstly, we used a very sophisticated GPS with triangular signals to determine the best position of the posts and for the layout of the vineyard in the rich red soil.

We then laid out each of the 9,200 individual posts and softened the earth with water to make the huge job ahead of us a little easier.

Once we had the posts in, wires run, irrigation drippers in place and the planting complete it was time watch them grow.

We gave each vine the right amount of love and attention to help them train and grow up to the fruiting wire which resulted in a great crop and enough quality fruit to start making our Grenache, GSM, Touriga and for the second year Arinto.

Now with pruning finished, a little rain and some more sunshine to come, we are looking forward to another growing season for Three Little Eagles.